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  • The Invacare Comet Pro is the ideal mobility scooter for all your travel needs, whether it's a trip to the town centre, a quick visit to the local shops, or embarking on day-long excursions. Available to purchase in-store in Ollerton, Newark, this scooter offers exceptional features and ensures that you reach your desired destinations with utmost comfort, safety, and flair. Designed with powerful outdoor capabilities and equipped with advanced safety features, the Comet Pro guarantees a fast, sturdy, and dependable drive.
  • Discover a whole new level of convenience and style with the Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter, available to buy in Ollerton, Newark. This Class 3 scooter goes beyond expectations, offering everything you need to effortlessly navigate through life while adding a touch of elegance. With its sleek and contemporary design, the Vision is a perfect blend of aesthetics and intelligent engineering, enhanced by an exceptional suspension system and the MaxGrip Limited Slip Differential Gearbox.
  • Introducing our highly anticipated addition to our Scootertech product lineup, the Extreme+ mobility scooter is available to buy in Ollerton, Newark. Designed with a fresh floor pan layout, this cutting-edge model offers users with stiffer or longer limbs an unrivalled sense of freedom by maximising legroom. The Extreme+ boasts an array of additional enhancements, including an automatic speed sensor that ensures safer manoeuvring around corners, an extra emergency stop feature, and an enhanced lighting system with dual front LED headlights for optimal visibility.
  • Introducing the exquisite Sterling S700 mobility scooter, available in Ollerton, Newark. A lavish mobility solution that excels in outdoor capabilities, serving as your ideal partner for the most extraordinary adventures in the open air, guiding you towards your desired destinations. With its remarkable outdoor performance, rest assured that distance will never be a concern, thanks to the substantial 75Ah battery capacity, offering an extensive range and an invigorating top speed of 8mph.


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