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Scootertech Extreme+ Mobility Scooter in Ollerton, Newark

Introducing our highly anticipated addition to our Scootertech product lineup, the Extreme+ mobility scooter is available to buy in Ollerton, Newark.

Designed with a fresh floor pan layout, this cutting-edge model offers users with stiffer or longer limbs an unrivalled sense of freedom by maximising legroom. The Extreme+ boasts an array of additional enhancements, including an automatic speed sensor that ensures safer manoeuvring around corners, an extra emergency stop feature, and an enhanced lighting system with dual front LED headlights for optimal visibility.

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We have a selection of products available to try and purchase in-store in Ollerton, Newark. Please visit us or contact us if you would like further information about this product.

Product Description

The new Extreme+ prioritizes convenience and comfort with its multi-adjustable steering, ergonomic levers with a warm feel, and high-performance motors and gearboxes. Quality carpets and fittings are standard across all our vehicles. Its front and rear suspension ensure a smooth, responsive, and comfortable ride, while the durable ABS color-through plastics guarantee resistance to chipping or peeling, requiring minimal maintenance. The user-friendly control panels are responsive and easy to navigate.

Crafted to align with your lifestyle, this robust off-road vehicle offers exceptional reliability for years to come, allowing you to embrace a life without limits.

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If you would like to contact us directly or visit us in-store then please us any of the following contact methods.

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  • Royale Mobility Ltd
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