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Quality products and aftercare for mobility

Quality Products and Aftercare for Mobility

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A family run business that offers high-quality products and aftercare for all your mobility requirements.

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We're here to help

We're here to help

We offer plenty of specialist solutions designed to make your life easier and more importantly assist you to stay independent in your own home.

None of us are immune to decreased mobility. As we age, our ability to move around takes a dip. You could also suffer from an injury that could affect your mobility If you suffer from obesity, mobility could also be one of your biggest challenges. Generally. there are dozens of situations that could affect your ability to move, not forgetting to mention chronic conditions.

It’s for all these reasons that we offer a range of mobility equipment designed to assist you to go about your daily activities in a dignified manner.

Mobility Equipment Service & Repair

Mobility Equipment Service & Repair

Like all other equipment, mobility equipment does require routine maintenance and repair. Failure to take proper care of your mobility equipment could affect its performance or decrease its lifespan. At Royale Mobility, we offer both full equipment maintenance and maintenance for selected parts, covering almost all types of mobility equipment. Our services are available to residents all over the East Midlands area.

Mobility Equipment

The types of mobility equipment available in our showroom

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can be seen almost everywhere nowadays. They are motorised seats that enable the users to move from one point to another comfortably, securely. and in dignity. Most have a basket fitted just securely. and in dignity. Most have a basket fitted just under the handlebars to allow you to easily go about your shopping and other activities with ease. Read on to discover more about mobility scooters.


Stairlifts make things easier for those not able to move up or down a staircase for various reasons. A rail will be mounted to your stair’s tread and thereafter a carriage (mostly a chair) will be attached to it to facilitate movement. With stairlifts, safety and performance come first and so it’s important to ensure that you only buy quality stairlifts and from reputable suppliers. Read on to learn more about stairlifts.

Rise & Recline Chairs

Rise and recline chairs are a recent innovation designed to offer a solution to those who face difficulties either sitting down or standing up. If you are battling arthritis. circulation problems. asthma or back pains, these chairs will offer you the much-needed solution. If sitting down for a prolonged period leads to you experiencing pressure sores or other serious conditions, this chair is for you.


When it’s difficult for you to move from point ‘A to B’ by yourself. a wheelchair could come in handy. Whether ifs because of an injury or a health condition that affects your ability to be move, getting a wheelchair could help a great deal in making things easier and better for you. We supply a wide range of wheelchairs all from reputable companies. The majority of them are prescriptive so always visit a you and thereafter we shall assist you to find the right for your needs.

Adjustable Beds

We stock a wide range of adjustable beds including lifestyle and profiling beds, all designed to help increase quality sleep. Our adjustable beds come supplied with both a high-quality mattress and mechanical bed frame to provide increased comfort which follows the contours of the spine.

Living Aids

At Royale Mobility, we stock and supply a wide range of living aids designed to make life easier and give some independence to those living with disabilities. They may include things such as walking aids. transfer aid, bathing aids, toileting solutions, household aids, just to mention but a few. Please give us a call or pay a visit to our showroom to sample our selections.

Bespoke Mobility Scooter Sheds

Royale Mobility offers bespoke outdoor scooter storage solutions tailored to individual spaces. Handcrafted with high-quality timber, each unit is custom-built based on precise measurements taken during a full consultation. From design to installation, our comprehensive service ensures convenience and durability for those with limited indoor storage.