Living Aids

We supply a range of living aids in Ollerton, Newark to help people with mobility issues. Increasingly, living aids are offering more independence to the elderly and disabled than ever before, helping to improve their quality of life through specially-designed products. Please visit us in-store or contact us directly if you have any questions and need assistance in selecting the right living aid for your needs.

Wash & Dry Toilet

The Closomat Palma Vita is a floor-standing system that makes things easier for people with mobility issues to use the toilet with an automatic wash and dry system. This exceptional toilet can be easily personalised to meet individual needs, offering a comprehensive range of accessories like specialised seating, lifts, and grab handles, which can be specified during installation or added later as requirements change.

The Palma Vita’s benefits are unparalleled, as Closomat’s unique system allows users to access automatic functions effortlessly by simply pressing and releasing the elbow pad. Regardless of manual capability or dexterity, it remains easy to use, eliminating hand/body contact and the risk of faecal contamination. Its user-friendly design empowers individuals to use the toilet with little or no assistance, making it accessible for all household members. The Palma Vita boasts an impressive safe working load of 190kg/30st, while the Bariatric Palma Vita, with the Big John Seat, offers an even higher safe working load of 362kg/57st.

Mobility Scooter Shed

Royale Mobility’s bespoke outdoor scooter storage solutions are tailored to fit any space, crafted with high-quality timber. Through a detailed consultation, precise measurements ensure a perfect fit. From design to installation, our comprehensive service guarantees convenience and durability for individuals facing indoor storage constraints, providing peace of mind and accessibility when needed.

Using only the finest materials, our skilled craftsmen hand-build each storage unit, paying meticulous attention to detail to guarantee both functionality and longevity. From initial design to final installation, our comprehensive service handles every aspect of the process, providing customers with a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

Triwalkers in Ollerton, Newark

Tri Walkers

Tri-walkers are a practical mobility aid designed to provide support and assistance for individuals within their homes and beyond. These walkers offer a lightweight and manoeuvrable alternative to bulkier rollators, allowing for easier transportation and navigation in smaller spaces.

Despite their lighter construction, tri-walkers remain robust and sturdy, ensuring reliable stability for users. Whether indoors or outdoors, these mobility aids offer the perfect balance between portability and strength, empowering individuals to maintain their independence and mobility with confidence. Tri-walkers are a versatile solution for those seeking reliable support on the go, enabling a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Rollators in Ollerton, Newark


Rollators are the perfect companion for those living an active lifestyle, seeking extra support during walks.

Offering stability and superior maneuverability compared to traditional walking frames, these wheeled walkers keep you steady without hindering your pace. Our collection features user-friendly rollators with sturdy yet lightweight frames and comfortable handles, ensuring a smooth journey to your destination. To enhance convenience, we provide a variety of rollator accessories, including bags and pouches for carrying household items or shopping. Discover more mobility aids in our selection to cater to your specific needs.

Walking Sticks in Ollerton, Newark

Walking Sticks & Canes

Walking sticks are essential mobility aids that offer added support and stability, benefiting individuals who may need assistance while walking. Our diverse collection of walking sticks provides a wide range of options to enhance independence for both the elderly and disabled individuals. If you’re facing difficulties with walking, a walking stick can significantly improve your mobility.

You can opt for a traditional walking stick or explore the convenience of modern folding designs that can easily be stowed away when not in use. Discover the perfect walking stick that suits your needs and enjoy increased confidence and freedom in your daily activities.