Rise & Recline Chairs

We offer a wide variety of rise & recline chairs in Ollerton, Newark to suit all needs. Each chair is made to measure and why we do not sell online because each chair must be made bespoke to the person using it, so please feel free to pop in and see us where we can perform a seat assessment – or we can even visit you at your home, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Chair Styles

There are six style options to choose from as the base, and then you have a variety of designs, movements, and fabrics (including leather) to select in addition.

The T-Back Riser

The Hampton


The Royal

The Lateral

The Sandringham

Rise & Recline Chairs in Ollerton, Newark

Rise and recline chairs are a revolutionary solution for those with limited mobility, as well as the many who encounter difficulties either standing up or sitting down. A rise and recline chair is a great investment, especially to those who suffer from back pain, arthritis, asthma, or circulation problems.

If you are vulnerable to pressure sores or other conditions arising out of prolonged sitting, these chairs provide alternative seating options. It’s typically operated by means of a remote control which is fixed on the chair’s arm.

The list of functions a rise and recline chair can perform usually varies from model to model, but the basic function includes tilting up and forward to allow for easy access. This ensures the user will have an easy time switching from a seated to a standing position.

Rise & Recline Chair

Factors to Consider


Rise and recline chairs come in different sizes and not every chair will fit all your needs, so we will help you to identify the correct size for your personal level of mobility.


The latest rise and recline chairs use electric motors, so it’s important to ensure the chair has all necessary features that guarantee safety in the event of a power cut or other system failures.


Lastly, the chairs come in different colours and designs. We have a variety in our showroom so you can see a selection of different styles, sizes and fabrics etc.

A rise and recline chair can change your life in ways you never thought possible. So make the correct decision of visiting our showroom and we shall work alongside you to ensure you have the best rise and recline chair