Mobility Scooters

We supply a wide range of mobility scooters in Ollerton, Newark to suit all needs. Offering a variety of sizes, our selection comes in large, medium and boot sized mobility scooters. Choosing the best scooter for the correct purpose is crucial, and is why we only sell our products at our shop in Ollerton. So please feel free to browse our range of scooters online and come and visit us in-store where you can test drive any scooter, or get in touch for more details.

Mobility Scooters in Ollerton, Newark

A huge part of our life depends on mobility – it’s through movement that we are able to get most of the things in our life done. However there are several situations that could lead to us facing difficulty moving around. It could be an accident, a physical disability or other general mobility issues.

Should such situations keep us from leading normal lives? Absolutely not, mobility scooters offer the perfect solution for this. These are single seat small vehicles designed to aid mobility for those facing difficulty moving from one place to another.

These units are battery powered and are available with three or four wheels. Manoeuvring them around can be done with the help of a handlebar or tiller just as we often do with a bicycle. The seats are well-cushioned and there will always be a flat base where you can let your feet rest.

Battery Operated

Mobility Scooters

Most mobility scooters run on battery and this is actually the type you will come across more often. What’s more, they come bearing charging sockets mounted on the base.

Dependent on the size of the batteries, most have a range of between 4 and 50 miles

Speed usually ranges between 4 mph-8 mph. If you intend to use your mobility scooter indoor or on pavements. a lower speed will serve you right. But if you intend to take it on the road you are probably going to require those with higher speeds.

Mobility Scooter

Key Features

Currently, there are plenty of companies that manufacture these scooters which means you are definitely going to come across multiple models from different brands. We are aware of the importance of putting quality first and that is why we only source from reputable brands with years of proven excellence.

The majority of the boot scooters can be taken apart and kept nicely when one isn’t using them. If you are lucky enough to get yourself a high-end model, you’ll find that a good number of them have a swivel seat to allow for additional mobility.

On top of that, you may find the chair can be reclined to form a bed-like unit which you could use to rest or take naps. There could be dozens of other cool features depending on the manufacturer. However, the most standard feature you’ll find in most mobility scooters is a basket on the front.

Who Needs a

Mobility Scooter?

Generally, mobility scooters are designed to help people with mobility issues. It could be the elderly person who has difficulties standing or moving from one place to another.

Not all of us who could use a wheelchair end up using one and so if you have some reservations about it then a mobility scooter is an alternative you might want to consider.

A doctor might also recommend a mobility scooter for you if you suffer from mobility defects such as paralysis.

Whichever reason you may have for needing a mobility scooter, the truth is that it carries many benefits and comes at a good price.

You can visit our showroom and check out the wide range of mobility scooters available. Keep in mind that prices will always vary mostly based on the features.