We offer a range of straight and curved stairlifts in Ollerton, Newark and provide professional installation within your home. Are you facing challenges managing the stairs in your home or office? Now is the ideal time to consider investing in a stairlift. A stairlift is a motorised seat that moves along a rail attached to one side of your stairs. The seat typically includes a backrest, footrest, and two armrests. It is battery-powered and charges while at rest, ensuring it continues to function even during power outages.

Using a Stairlift

You don’t need any training to use a stairlift; everything is pretty straightforward. Just sit on the seat and press the button that indicates ‘UP’ if you intend to go upstairs or ‘DOWN’ if you intend to go downstairs. The button is usually fixed on the arms. After that, the stairlift will move to your desired destination and automatically stop upon arrival.

The controls are available in two options. You can choose button controls or joystick controls. Joystick controls are an ideal option for those with arthritic fingers. Both options are, however, very easy to use.

Curved or Straight Stairlifts?

Whether your stairs are curved or straight, there’s a stairlift able to fit your specific stair profile. Straight stairlifts are designed to work with stairs without any bends or landings.

A curved model, on the other hand, will be custom-built to fit the bends, half-landings, and corners in your staircase.

Stairlift Features

Besides the control options, you also have the option to choose between manual or automatic swivel. If you are lucky to have a healthy and strong upper body with reasonably strong arms, a manual swivel will serve you well. However, if your upper body strength is poor or your hands are arthritic, it’s recommended that you opt for the powered swivel.

When the stairlift isn’t operating, the seat, footrests, and arms usually fold upwards. Folding the seat and arms is usually easy. However, you might face a few challenges folding the footrest due to its proximity to the floor. We, therefore, recommend that you choose a stairlift that offers a linkage between the footrest and the seat, where they all fold up in unison.

Health & Safety

It’s absolutely safe to use a stairlift because there are rigid safety standards in place that all stairlifts adhere to. These standards include things such as sensors, mandatory seat belts, and constant pressure controls. If your finger slips or detaches from the button or joystick control, the stairlift will automatically stop.

Will My Stairs Be Ruined?

The correct answer is NO. The installation of stairlifts is an absolutely clean process. Once small holes are drilled on your stairs treads and the rail is fixed, the remainder of the job will only involve wiring and fitting the stairlift itself.

There are dozens of reasons why you may require a stairlift. It’s our mission to supply you with only the best brands with proven reliability and performance. Of course, you will have to service it regularly, perhaps annually, just to ensure that its performance remains unaffected.