Electric Adjustable Beds

We provide a range of electric adjustable beds in Ollerton, Newark to suit all needs. The majority of beds are made to measure and are custom-made to ensure the perfect fit for purpose, this is why we offer a free sizing assessment either in-store or at your home – and we can advise on the best type and features for your circumstance.

Bed Styles

There are five key designs that can be purchased in single, double, or dual (double with individual adjustable beds) with custom sizing and even a choice of mattress and headboard.

The Balmoral

The Cromwell

The Blenheim

The Richmond

The Windsor

Electric Adjustable Beds in Ollerton, Newark

A bed plays a significant role in your quality of sleep, and why it’s so important to invest in a well-made adjustable bed if you have limited mobility or suffer from painful medical conditions. Human physiology is designed with contours that cannot be adequately and comfortably supported by a flat surface. The spine has an S-shape, while our legs possess curves. Additionally, our torso is heavier than the lower part of our bodies, which has its own bumps.

Essentially, the only way we can sleep comfortably is on a surface that sufficiently conforms to or “reads” our body, accommodating the pressure points while remaining sturdy enough to support the flatter surfaces of our physique.

We often associate adjustable beds with hospitals and illness. This perception holds some truth, as patients requiring specific comfort levels benefit from adjustable beds – however, in today’s era of home care for our loved ones, the adjustable bed has become an essential piece of furniture in our households. Visit us in-store to discuss your requirements in more detail, or we can do a house visit if it’s easier for you, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Rise & Recline Beds

Types of Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed is simply a bed that has a multi-hinged lying surface, which can be adjusted to different positions to suit the user’s needs.

The adjustable bed has matured as more people embrace its conveniences. Manufacturers now combine the conventional health benefits and functionality with stunning designs that give it an aesthetic look, blending well with the decor of our homes.

Adjustable Lifestyle Beds

These electric beds can be adjusted to a sitting position, offering comforts such as watching TV, working on a laptop, or reading a book.

Lifestyle beds are designed for user comfort and luxury rather than health reasons.

Profiling beds

Also known as variable posture beds, profiling beds come equipped with a range of features and functions. They offer greater flexibility and functionality and can be adjusted either electrically or manually. Bed functions can be controlled through a remote control or a button.

Profiling beds are categorised into two-part, three-part, and four-part adjustability.