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Invacare Comet Pro Mobility Scooter in Ollerton, Newark

The Invacare Comet Pro is the ideal mobility scooter for all your travel needs, whether it’s a trip to the town centre, a quick visit to the local shops, or embarking on day-long excursions.

Available to purchase in-store in Ollerton, Newark, this scooter offers exceptional features and ensures that you reach your desired destinations with utmost comfort, safety, and flair. Designed with powerful outdoor capabilities and equipped with advanced safety features, the Comet Pro guarantees a fast, sturdy, and dependable drive.

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We have a selection of products available to try and purchase in-store in Ollerton, Newark. Please visit us or contact us if you would like further information about this product.

Product Description

The Comet Pro offers outstanding driving features and modern aesthetics provide superior performance and control. The inclusion of two 75 Ah batteries enables users to venture beyond the confines of the city, tackling more challenging journeys.

Featuring large 13″ front and rear wheels and a top-of-the-line suspension system, the Comet Pro effortlessly navigates kerbs and obstacles, offering a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, its automatic speed reduction system enhances stability and safety by slowing down when taking high-speed corners.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with the Comet Pro. Whether you’re cruising through urban landscapes or exploring scenic routes, this scooter ensures that every journey is a delightful and secure adventure. Trust in its reliable performance and enjoy the freedom it brings to your everyday mobility.

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