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Of the many solutions you could go for to solve your mobility problem. a wheelchair is one of the few convenient solutions you cant simply pass up. Whether it’s an injury or other health conditions that impair your mobility, a wheel chair is ideal for them all. 

You can have a wheelchair that perfectly fits your shape, size and age and other needs you may have. We all have needs unique to us and however diverse they may be. It’s easy to find a wheelchair that can live up to your expectations.

  • A standard wheelchair will have the following components:
  • Seat and back
  • Two back large wheels and two small front wheels
  • A foot rest

General weather conditions or terrain are two of the most important factors you should consider before going ahead to select a wheelchair. However. there’s a lot more to it than that.

Selecting A Wheelchair That's Right For You

We recommend that you make an effort to meet with an occupational therapist or physiotherapist before going ahead to pick a wheelchair for yourself.  Here’s why. They will know what wheelchair is best for you based on your everyday life amongst other factors.

Besides, if you look to having the insurance company foot the cost of the wheelchair. you are definitely going to require a detailed prescription from a qualified doctor.

At Royale Mobility, we supply a complete and broad range of wheelchairs from reputable companies and most of them are prescriptive. So when you contact us with your requirements, we shall help you find a wheelchair that’s perfect for your situation.

Wheelchairs come in two broad categories: manual and electric. You can propel it manually or through automated systems such as batteries.

Manual wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are the ones that require a person to move them. It could be self-propelled or attendant-propelled.

If its the occupant propelling it, they will be required to push the large wheels at the rear. The wheels have hand rims which are basically hollow tubes that attach to the large wheels. Usually. the attached rim will have a size smaller than that of the wheel it’s attached to. 

Attendant-propelled wheelchairs, on the other hand, are propelled by a friend or care giver.  He/she will use the handles to push the wheelchair. These type of wheelchairs will normally have rimless and smaller back wheels. They are used widely in hospitals or airports to move patients around.

In the case of a self-propelled wheelchair it’s recommended that the user have upper body strength and reasonably strong arms.

Electric-powered wheelchairs

Electric-powered wheelchairs are the ideal option for those who lack enough strength in their arms and have poor upper body strength. The majority of them use either wet cell or gel cell batteries. Of course you will be required to charge them often.

The chairs come in different styles and variations. Some will be front-wheel driven while others will be centre or rear-wheel driven. Each one requires a different type of handling.

Unlike the manual wheel chairs, the electric-powered wheelchairs tend to be bigger, a little bulkier, and relatively expensive. But on the flip side. they are easy to move around and can help you preserve your strength and energy for other activities.

If you’d like find out more information about wheelchairs or you’d love to get some help purchasing one, get in touch with us today.

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