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KWK Roll-A-Mate Electric Wheelchair in Ollerton, Newark

Introducing the KWK Roll-A-Mate, an innovative and versatile product designed for maximum convenience and mobility, now available to purchase in-store from us in Ollerton, Newark.

Weighing in at only 16kg/2.5st and made of lightweight aluminium alloy, this ultra-light folding electric rollator is the perfect travel companion. Its compact design allows for easy folding in seconds, making it simple to store and transport on planes, trains, cars. In addition to its rollator functions, KWK Roll-A-Mate can also be used as an electric wheelchair, shopping cart, or rehabilitation chair, providing even more options for those who need assistance with mobility.

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Product Description

The KWK Roll-A-Mate is the ultimate solution for caregivers and individuals in need of walking aids. This versatile product is designed to provide maximum convenience and mobility, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an innovative and user-friendly mobility solution.

One of its standout features is its lightweight design, weighing in at only 16kg (2.5st), which makes it incredibly easy to fold and lift. The KWK Roll-A-Mate offers both user and attendant control options, ensuring flexibility in its usage.

With an adjustable handlebar, backrest, and flip-up armrest, it caters to individual comfort and preferences. Additionally, users can choose between right or left side front controller options and utilize the handbrakes for added safety.

The KWK Roll-A-Mate boasts multiple functions:

  • Rollator: Use it as a regular rollator for a push-and-go experience.
  • Rollator Resistance Mode: Enjoy three different resistance levels for a safe and effective walking and exercise experience.
  • Rollator Power Assist Mode: Conquer hills and challenging terrains with three different assist modes for a more effortless walk.
  • Manual Wheelchair Mode: If needed, an attendant can easily push you in this mode.
  • Attendant Controller Power Wheelchair Mode: Sit back and relax while your attendant takes control with power-assisted mobility.
  • Power Wheelchair Mode: When walking becomes tiresome, the KWK Roll-A-Mate transforms into a powerful wheelchair, allowing you to go further with ease.

The KWK Roll-A-Mate’s adaptability and convenience make it the perfect companion for those requiring mobility assistance, offering a wide range of options to suit various needs and situations.

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