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A bed has a lot to do with the quality of steep that you enjoy or the lack of it. Deep healing and restorative sleep are achieved when two elements come together A good mattress and a good bed. But even these two elements are very relative.

The human physiology is designed with contours that a flat surface cannot support adequately and comfortably. The spine is S-shaped while our legs have curves. Our torso is heavier than the tower part of our bodies which has bumps a plenty.

In essence, the only way we can steep comfortably is on a surface that conforms or ‘reads’ our body well enough to conform to the pressure points while remaining sturdy enough to support the flatter surfaces of our form.

Sleeping on an adjustable bed

We generally equate an adjustable bed with hospitals and illness. This may be true to some extent owing to the fact that invalids need a bed that can be adjusted to meet their comfort levels. However in this day and age of home care for our loved ones. the adjustable bed has become an integral piece of furniture in our households.

On the other hand. it does seem to feature heavily in the bedrooms of perfectly healthy people in place of conventional beds.

Types of adjustable beds

An adjustable bed is simply a bed that has a multi-hinged lying surface. This lying surface can be adjusted to a number of different positions to suit the need of the user.

The adjustable bed has become of age as more people embrace its conveniences. Manufacturers are now combining the conventional health benefits and function with awesome designs that allow it an aesthetic look that fit and blend with the decor of our homes.

Adjustable Lifestyle beds

These are electric beds which usually can be adjusted to a sitting position allowing you comforts like watching TV working on your laptop or reading a book.

The target market

Lifestyle beds are geared towards comfort and luxury for the user instead of health reasons.

Profiling beds

Also called a variable posture bed. profiling beds come fitted with a myriad of features and functions. It has more flexibility and functionality and can be adjusted either electrically or manually. You can adjust the bed functions with a remote control or a button.

Profiling beds come in three categories: Two-part, three-part. and four-part adjustability.

The target market

The profiling bed is manufactured for people with health issues or special needs. They are generally found in hospitals, hospices and in the homes for home care patients.

Features on an adjustable bed

  • Height adjusting function: This feature allows one to move the bed to a higher level or lower it.
  • Handrails: These can be fitted onto the bed to aid in moving about and provide support when standing
  • Bed rails prevent the patient from falling out of the bed.
  • Drawers: this is a great feature for storage so that the invalid can quickly reach things they need on a daily basis.
  • Massage buttons: Lifestyle beds can come fitted with a massage function. It is part of the luxury aspect of the bed and has nothing to do with health care.


Back pain, arthritis, and sciatica are just some of the conditions that could push you to buy an adjustable bed. Or perhaps you suffer from a muscle weakness condition or a chronic disease that keeps you in bed for long periods of time, but the quality of your life need not deteriorate.

Get your loved one an adjustable bed and get them more comfortable! And in the process get yourself one. It may just change the quality of your sleep forever!

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