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At Royale Mobility. we offer all kinds of services dedicated to ensuring your mobility equipment remains in top shape all the time. Our reputation is built on the competence of our trained professional team who always apply the best of skills in solving any issues your mobility equipment may have.

Whether it’s full equipment maintenance service or just selected parts, our team has the tools and all the necessary skill required to get the work done successfully and to your satisfaction.

We service equipment all over the East Midlands area. Regardless of where you got your mobility equipment from, we would be glad to offer our friendly services to you. We are fully aware of how important the equipment is to you and so our aim is to make it work properly so that you can go on with your life as usual.

Our service covers the following types of mobility equipment:

  • Scooters
  • Stairlifts
  • Wheelchairs
  • Beds
  • Rise and recline chairs

For it to perform optimally. your scooter will require regular maintenance. This starts with ensuring the batteries are in a good state. Usually, when you buy a mobility scooter from us, we will provide you with a guide on how to keep your batteries working well.

Generally, you are supposed to always fully charge your batteries and run them dry before recharging again.

Storage also matters and it’s recommended that you keep it inside a cover specially designed for it Also keep it away from wet areas or environments to avoid the possibility of it attracting rust.

However, if your mobility scooter requires special attention. perhaps unique repairs. get in touch with us and we shall have our specialists take care of that.

Wheelchairs always breakdown due to several reasons. Manual wheelchairs will encounter issues such as a flat tyre while the electric-powered ones might suffer failing batteries. We recommend that you always have a spare tyre or spare batteries. Also, have with you a pair of crutches as they could help you move around before the problem is taken care of.

Alternatively, you can always have your wheelchair checked at our repair centre or at your home.  A diagnostic test will help to root out potential problems and keep your wheelchair’s performance at its best.

A stairlift is an absolutely valuable investment because it brings with it dozens of benefits you can never find anywhere else. But what scares many is the possibility that it could stop working and leave them stranded. Common problems that could lead to such situations include power cuts. obstructions or lack of regular maintenance.

In the event your stairlift fails to work, its advisable to seek the help of experts. At Royale Mobility, we have a team of special engineers with a clear understanding and experience of what’s needed to keep a stairlift in proper working condition. 

Our engineers are available 24/7.

Besides all those mobility equipment we’ve mentioned. there are dozens of others such as rise and recline chairs and beds or living aids that might also require special care when they fail to work properly. We have a rich experience handling mobility equipment of different types and therefore you can trust to take good care of which equipment you may bring to us.

Generally, we can service and repair the majority of your mobility products and we also offer you a choice of service, whether on-site, in-house or emergency services. Call us now on o800 028 6619.

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